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Elliptic-lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, acuminate at the tip, base acute or somewhat rounded, velvety hairy on both surfaces. Flowers in short bunches at the ends of the branches, ill smelling, 1 in. across, white at first turning yellow soon after plucking. Petals 5. Fruit a follicle 6 to 14 in. long, cylindric, with a grove on each side at the junction of the carpels, rough with small tubercles. 67 in. long, slender with a parachute of silk threads to make it suitable for wind dispersal. Distribution: This tree occurs throughout the greater part of India and in various parts of Burma.

5 in. 5 to 1 in. long. Flowers small, crowded in short racemes, creamy white, fragrant, peduncles arising below the leaves (rarely in the axils of the leaves). Fruit egg-shaped or elliptic, crowned with the remains of the calyx, turning deep purple when -ripe. Distribution: Common throughout India; Ceylon, Burma, Malaya, Australia. Gardening: Propagated by seed. Uses: The fruit is used in the preparation of wine and in the manufacture of vinegar. The seeds are said to be useful in the treatment of diabetes.

The seeds yield oil and tree resins, the latter appear to be acrid principles and are useful insecticides. The fruit, bark, leaves and roots are used in medicine, the roots being considered a drastic purge. In the West Indies a kind of cider is made from them. Note: The Custard Apple is variously known as the Sugar-Sop or Sugar-apple, or Sweet-Sop. Some people believe that the Custard Apple causes fever, this belief is not wholly true but certain individuals may display a singular idiosyncrasy in this regard just as others do with certain forms of food.

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