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By Jamie Craig

ISBN-10: 1602723583

ISBN-13: 9781602723580

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He glanced around as casually as he could, but if Bryce was in the vicinity, he couldn’t see him. “I’m actually here with a friend,” he said, his attention back on Dean. ” “I was just thinking about how much I’d like some coffee,” Dean said, putting the book back on the shelf where he found it. ” “Oh, no. Really, he’s just a friend. ” They walked side by side over to the café, taking their place at the end of the line. Charlie’s heart thumped in his chest. He was doing it. This was it. He had asked a guy for coffee for the sheer purpose of getting to know each other on a more intimate level, and he’d actually done it in public.

Charlie sighed with satisfaction. ” “I know. Me, neither. ” “On one condition. ” A thrill went through Charlie. Though it was the last thing his body wanted, he broke the contact between them and stepped back. ” 58 SEPTEMBER: A SIMPLE TRUTH CHAPTER 5 The entire drive home, Charlie could barely talk. His body hummed with anticipation, his thoughts scattering from one fantasy to the next. He fought against the urge to undo his seat belt and blow Bryce while he was driving, but the scenario continued on in his head, morphing into Bryce’s good-natured refusal, Charlie’s subsequent removal of the man’s tie, followed by the use of that tie to bind Bryce’s hands to the steering wheel so he couldn’t stop Charlie from taking what he wanted.

By the end of the first verse in the second song, Charlie grew bolder. His mouth moved along the soft stubble at Bryce’s jaw, back and forth so their cheeks nuzzled, his breath fanned down the side of Bryce’s neck. “God, I love the way you feel,” he whispered. He felt Bryce’s smile, a twitch of muscle against his cheek. “I love the way you smell. Your cologne. Your sweat. ” Charlie chuckled. ” “Well, yes. ” Bryce chuckled softly, his arm tightening around Charlie. ” The second song ended, but the guitarist must have taken 57 SEPTEMBER: A SIMPLE TRUTH inspiration by their continued dancing because he launched immediately into the next.

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