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By Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi

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Adam and the Kabbalistic Tree is a examine of people as noticeable via modern Kabbalists. After a quick exposition of the Tree of lifestyles, the paranormal device of Kabbalah, the writer units out in glossy phrases how everlasting ideas function in the course of the 4 Worlds found in a individual. starting with the physique, the method and legislation of biology are comparable Kabbalistically, in order that scholars can see the relationship among physique and psyche. this can be via a deatiled research of the anatomy of the psyche, the traditional and glossy ways to which arrange the reader for an exam of the Soul. The latter a part of the ebook is worried with the awakening of the Soul and its transforming into attention of the higher Kabbalistic Worlds of construction and Emanation. the belief describes human growth into the world of the Spirit of the Presence of the Divine

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Both deep inside, and at the surface of the organism, this remarkable network not only operates in the eyes and ears to serve incoming light and sound waves, but also monitors the myriad critical functions within the muscles, organs and gut. The most sensitive masses of nerve endings are spread all over the skin and these aid the body to gather data on temperature, moisture, and of course touch. They also watch for danger signals of excess heat, cold, pressure and any other physical threat. Such 62 Tiferet 63 warnings are quickly relayed to the brain, the most evolved part 'of the nervous system, for conscious action, if an automatic reflex is inadequate.

At this point another concep: ' n--and se uent birth is' ~ssible, but of an upward motion. Beriah is the World of dynamics. Here are many possible configurations until they become formed in Yezirah. Out of the total knowledge contained in Daat, various combinations are created, to be formulated and physically implemented where they are needed. a particular work of art or invention. In the example of our study of the body it is the permutations possible in the unfertilized The Body ovum. These in turn all stem from a great archetype, in the case of man-the azilutic Adam.

Here, between the twin pillars of the life force and its organization in the form column, the classic template of the human body is held. Out of this, the Unman ifest but eternally repeated archetype emerges, on conception, into the electromagnetic world of creation in the asiyyatic Tree, the first tangible signs of a human being. Referring always to the prototype of Adam the babe is formed and born into the physical world to grow and mature into a full earthly man. What he does after Nature has set him up is his own concern.

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