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Thousands hundreds tens 1,316 is broken into 2,590 is broken into Add the ones. Add the partial sum 6 to the tens. 1,000 2,000 300 500 10 90 ones 6 0 6ϩ0ϭ6 6 10 ϩ 90 106 Add the partial 106 sum 106 to the 300 hundreds. ϩ 500 906 Add the partial 906 sum 906 to the 1,000 thousands. ϩ 2,000 3,906 1,316 ϩ 2,590 = 3,906 33 Rounding to Y hundreds tens ones ou can estimate the answer to an addition problem by rounding each number to the greatest (largest) place value. The greatest place value of the numbers 329 and 674 is the hundreds place.

Dime = 10¢ nickel = 5¢ penny = 1¢ 10¢ + 5¢ + 1¢ = 16¢ You have 16 cents in all. Quarters have a value of 25¢. It is easier to add money if you memorize the value of up to four quarters. 25¢ 38 50¢ 75¢ 100¢ Money Coin values can be added quickly by counting. Count by tens for dimes, fives for nickels, and ones for pennies. If you have 1 quarter, 2 dimes, 3 nickels, and 6 pennies, how many cents do you have in all? Add the quarters first. One quarter is 25¢. Now add the 2 dimes. Begin at 25¢ and count up by tens.

The digit 2 is less than 5, so 329 is closer to 300 than to 400. 329 rounds down to 300. 34 550 600 650 700 674 674 has a 7 in the tens place. The digit 7 is greater than 5, so 674 is closer to 700 than to 600. 674 rounds up to 700. Estimate Estimate 329 ϩ 674. 329 rounds to 300. 674 rounds to 700. estimate—An answer that is not exact; a reasonable guess. 300 ϩ 700 1,000 The estimated sum of 329 and 674 is 1,000. What do you do if the two numbers you are adding have different numbers of digits?

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