After the new social democracy: social welfare for the by Tony Fitzpatrick PDF

By Tony Fitzpatrick

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Social democracy has made a political comeback lately, in particular less than the impression of the 3rd method. even though, now not every person in convinces that 3rd approach social democracy is the simplest technique of reviving the Left's venture. This publication explains why and provides an alternate process. Bringing jointly various social and political theories this publication engages with probably the most very important modern debates in regards to the current path and way forward for the Left.

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Since those who contributed most to the social product (the workers) were held to receive less than those who contributed the least (the bourgeoisie), then social justice required a ‘politics of fair shares’ and so either the substantial reorganisation of capitalism or its replacement altogether. But although White is correct to observe that some commitment to both reciprocity and equality characterises Centre-Left traditions, we must not forget that the nature of this commitment may alter depending upon how the following two questions are answered.

Responsibility is far more complex than new social democrats imagine. For instance, it might be said that duties correlate to powers rather than to rights per se (see Chapter 2), so that a real ethic of social responsibility necessitates a far greater redistribution of power than that envisaged by the NSD. g. devolution. Therefore, this is yet another emphasis that attempts to legitimate existing inequalities. Reciprocity, too, is much more complex. There are general and particular forms of reciprocity, as well as short-term and long-term versions.

As such, I contend that the NSD is not a new politics, but is at best the first steps on a long march back towards truly progressive ideals, one from which valuable lessons can be learned, if only about how not to proceed. My argument in Part I is that ‘old’ social democratic traditions are far from exhausted and that the kind of principles outlined earlier can be genuinely reconfigured away from conservatism. Therefore, the disclosure of the social field does not mean abandoning social democracy, but does mean radicalising it in ways that the NSD has not begun to imagine.

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