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Yo might want to understand every little thing during this ebook for those who will ever fly a aircraft.

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Power control is used when the flight situation indicates a need for a change in thrust. • Trim is used to relieve all possible control pressures held after a desired attitude has been attained. • The airplane’s attitude is established and maintained by positioning the airplane in relation to the natural horizon. At least 90 percent of the pilot’s attention should be devoted to this end, along with 90% of the time, the pilot's attention should be outside the cockpit. The primary rule of attitude flying is: ATTITUDE + POWER = PERFORMANCE INTEGRATED FLIGHT INSTRUCTION When introducing basic flight maneuvers to a beginning pilot, it is recommended that the “Integrated” or “Composite” method of flight instruction be used.

Failure to coordinate the use of throttle with other controls. • Altitude gain/loss during the turn. CLIMBS AND CLIMBING TURNS When an airplane enters a climb, it changes its flightpath from level flight to an inclined plane or climb attitude. In a climb, weight no longer acts in a direction perpendicular to the flightpath. It acts in a rearward direction. This causes an increase in total drag requiring an increase in thrust (power) to balance the forces. An airplane can only sustain a climb angle when there is sufficient thrust to offset increased drag; therefore, climb is limited by the thrust available.

The basic elements of which are as follows. No more than 10% of the pilot's attention should be inside the cockpit. Figure 3-2. Integrated or composite method of flight instruction. qxd 7/13/04 11:08 AM Page 3-4 scanning for other airplanes. If, during a recheck of the pitch and/or bank, either or both are found to be other than desired, an immediate correction is made to return the airplane to the proper attitude. Continuous checks and immediate corrections will allow little chance for the airplane to deviate from the desired heading, altitude, and flightpath.

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