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By Leslie A. Little, Elbert L. Viereck

ISBN-10: 0585207399

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Rusty menziesia (Menziesia ferruginea) gg. Shrubs less than 4 ft. ) high; leaves thick, evergreen; twigs and leaves without glandular ("sticky") hairs. h. Upright shrubs, loosely branching, not forming mats; leaves not crowded, not needlelike, more than 1/2 in. ) long. i. Leaves oblong to linear, edges rolled under. j. Corolla purple, saucer-shaped; leaves whitish beneath with inconspicuous veins ________ ______ 99. bog kalmia (Kalmia polifolia) jj. Corolla pinkish to crimson, urn-shaped; leaves greenish or whitish beneath with conspicuous veins _______________________________ 107.

Page 25 Key to Alaska Trees Based Mainly on Leaves A. Leaves needlelike or scalelike, evergreen (except in tamarack), trees resinous (except in yew); seeds more or less exposed and not enclosed in a fruit conifers or softwoods (gymnosperms). B. Leaves needlelike, flattened, abruptly pointed but not prickly, in 2 rows comblike with leafstalks extending down twig; seeds single in scarlet juicy cuplike disk; rare in extreme southeast Alaska ____________________ 1. Pacific yew (Taxus brevifolia) BB.

Twigs without catkins. Page 40 I. Stipules and bases or stumps of petioles persistent, partly covering buds. J. Stipules narrow, bent or twisted; twigs soft, canelike, dying back from tip ____________________ ____ 77. western thimbleberry (Rubus parviflorus) JJ. Stipules broad, papery, spreading; twigs hard, not dying back ____________________________________ ______ 78. bush cinquefoil (Potentilla fruticosa) II. Stipules and bases of petioles absent. K. Fruits persistent in conspicuous clusters.

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