Alan M. Dershowitz's America on Trial: Inside the Legal Battles That Transformed PDF

By Alan M. Dershowitz

ISBN-10: 0446595810

ISBN-13: 9780446595810

The well known lawyer and bestselling writer unearths how impressive trials all through our background have helped to form our kingdom. delivering insights into the human situation, those trials function a ancient rfile, chronicling the struggles and passions in their time.

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App. Ct. 1989) (finding cunt, twat, and bitch were gender specific terms). But see Galloway v. General Motors Serv. 3d 1164, 1167 (7th Cir. 1996) (finding repeated “sick bitch” comment not gender-related term). 330 See Browne, supra note 328, at 492-93 (providing examples of gender neutral and gender specific language). 331 See Cook, supra note 328, at 479-80 (describing sexual nature test). 332 See Hardin v. C. 3d 340, 345 (7th Cir. 1999). 333 See Torres v. 3d 625, 632-33 (2d Cir. 1997). 334 Spencer v.

236 See JAY, supra note 71, at 191; Levinson, supra note 1, at 1389. 237 Golden Globe II, supra note 224, at 4981, ¶ 14; see also Statement of Chairman Michael K. Powell, id. at 4988 (noting this was the first time the profanity section was applied to fuck and 1744 CARDOZO LAW REVIEW [Vol. 240 While there are many definitions for profane, including the Commissioners’ choice, the decision to make a 180 degree turn from the Commission’s own prior treatment of profanity as blasphemy is unwarranted on such a slim collection of authority.

That is, the comment must be targeted at one gender. If the comment is capable of being directed at either gender, no harassment claim is stated. 330 The sexual/nonsexual test focuses on the sexual nature of verbal harassment. In this sense, sexual does not equate with gender. 333 The third test used by some courts focuses not on the nature of the statement, but to whom it is directed. 335 When these tests are applied specifically to pure verbal sexual harassment claims—that is, where there is no other contaminating harassing contact—fuck fares well.

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