Jay Parini's AMERICAN WRITERS, Supplement VII PDF

By Jay Parini

ISBN-10: 068480624X

ISBN-13: 9780684806242

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The title means any natural cover for protecting an organism during the winter: for example, a bud or bulb for protecting a plant embryo, specifically a bud of a freshwater polyzoan that can develop into a colony in the spring. The protected organism is the poet; the colony in the spring is the poet's metaphor for the large, complex poem he is making. The poet reads nature reading him, and the polyzoan is a muse. In a style that is, by turns, discursive, conversational, and veined with imagery, Ammons in "Hibernaculum" examines nature and the mind, those cognate realities.

Landscapes and seascapes as habitable places become his context, and vision gives way to cognition. There is a concentration, a luminosity, in the post-Ommateum lyrics that surpasses the best parts of Ammons' long meditative poems, for all their intelligence and flexibility. " In the grip of such rapt attention philosophy is not needed. The exultant poet goes down "to the moonwaters, / where the silver / willows are and the bay blossoms. . " The poem becomes a paean to the river, to "the great wooded silence / of flowing / forever .

Rocky Mount: North Carolina Wesley an College Press, 1994. Brink Road. New York: Norton, 1996. Glare. New York: Norton, 1997. PROSE Set in Motion: Essays, Interviews, and Dialogues. Edited by Zofia Burr.

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