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By Daniel W. Stroock

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This ebook goals to bridge the distance among chance and differential geometry. It supplies structures of Brownian movement on a Riemannian manifold: an extrinsic one the place the manifold is learned as an embedded submanifold of Euclidean house and an intrinsic one according to the "rolling" map. it truly is then proven how geometric amounts (such as curvature) are mirrored by means of the habit of Brownian paths and the way that habit can be utilized to extract information regarding geometric amounts. Readers must have a powerful heritage in research with simple wisdom in stochastic calculus and differential geometry. Professor Stroock is a highly-respected specialist in likelihood and research. The readability and elegance of his exposition additional improve the standard of this quantity. Readers will locate an inviting creation to the learn of paths and Brownian movement on Riemannian manifolds

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Phys. 86, 386-240. T. Keleti (1986): "Basic Enzyme Kinetics", Akademiai Kiado, Budapest. Yu. I. Yu. Burstein (1974): "Mechanism of proton transfer in reactions of alphachymotrypsin" (in Russian), Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 217 965-976. S. Landa (2001): "Regular and chaotic oscillations", Springer, Berlin 2001. I. V. V. N. Volkov (1994): "Solitons in nongenerated sytems" Physics Uspekhi 164, No. 8, p. 937-958. A. C. Harvey (1987): "Dynamics of Proteins and protein acids", Cambridge University Press.

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