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He seldom preached less than twenty, and not infrequently thirty times a week. In doing so he would constantly travel scores of miles, declaring his faith in plain and forceful language. Not long before his death, while standing on a hill near Haworth, he said that when he first came into the area he might have gone half a day's journey on horseback toward the east, west, north and south without meeting one person whom he described as 'truly serious', or indeed without even hearing of one. But by the time he spoke, he could tell of several hundred people who attended his ministry and were devout communicants.

Wesley's Veterans: Lives of the Methodist Preachers Told by Themselves, 1 vols. (London, vols. 1-3 undated, vols. R. G. E. Russell, A Short History of the Evangelical Movement. 20 THE EVANGELICALS IN THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND 1734-1984 corresponded, as personal contact increased, as they united in clerical societies and as they grew in numbers did they become a cohesive fraternity which by the end of the century was almost unanimous on major questions of faith and order. It has rightly been said that 'the history of the Evangelical Revival is essentially a history of personalities rather than of opinions',8 and this applies especially to the Evangelicals in the Church of England.

Reynolds, The Evangelicals at Oxford 1735-1871 (Oxford, 1953); the Dictionary of National Biography. 2 Towards a National Crusade Throughout the half century up to 1789, and indeed for many years beyond that epoch-making date, the Evangelicals had to struggle for a foothold in the church. They were generally despised by the bishops; it was sometimes difficult for known Evangelicals to secure ordination, and even more difficult for them to obtain preferment; the Evangelical clergy were widely dispersed, without a recognized leader and with no structure to promote national unity among themselves; and there were few Evangelical laymen of note or national standing.

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