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By Helmut Sturm, Ryuichiro Machida

ISBN-10: 3110170582

ISBN-13: 9783110170580

A finished reference e-book of the archaeognatha. those bugs are of key significance in figuring out the evolution of bugs normally. The aim of this quantity is to supply an summary of the present country of analysis in this outstandingly vital insect crew.

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Sound travels faster—in fact, four times faster— in water. Nothing in our evolutionary history prepares us for that kind of speed. Sharks are exquisitely adapted to the aquatic environment; we are not. How well can sharks see? Although sharks live and can feed in the dark or in very turbid water, they also have good vision because of well-developed eyes and large optic lobes, the part of the brain devoted to vision. Sharks tend to be a little farsighted, meaning they are able to focus best on objects more than 23 cm (9 in) away.

These sharks eat 28 Sharks: The Animal Answer Guide mostly zooplankton, which they strain from the water with their gill rakers as water passes from their mouths and out their gill slits. Chimaeras (Holocephali) feed on hard-bodied prey and have evolved an entirely different solution with their rabbit-like teeth. Holocephalan teeth are not replaced, as in sharks, but instead continue to grow to make up for the wear they experience from eating hard-bodied prey. A ratfish has three pairs of tooth plates, one pair in the lower jaw and two pairs in the upper jaw.

However, another possible origin for the Nurse Shark’s name relates to its well-known ability to create suction pressure when feeding, as shown in laboratory studies. Nurse Sharks are thought to suck lobsters and other prey out of holes, although verification of this ability in nature is lacking. People other than researchers are familiar with a Nurse Shark’s sucking habits. Local names for relatives of the Nurse Shark suggest this behavior. In the island nation of Palau, a tropical Pacific species, the Zebra Shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) is referred to as metmut.

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