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In some cases the back-plates were dispensed with, and the breast-plate and front skirt were simply secured over the mail with straps crossing at the back. Some of the illustrations of the period also show straps to hold down the aventail of the bascinet. Guard chains were still used occasionally to secure the sword and dagger to the breast-plate as a precaution against loss. In the fourteenth century mittens of plate (left) replaced those of appeared (right) and from 1375 onward were quite common.

Rollo was acclaimed Duke of Normandy, his descendants extended their hold on the north of France, and their lands became knouTi as Normandy. It was from this stock that William, Duke of Normandy, sprang, being confirmed in his title at the age of seven when his father Robert made a pilgrimage to Jeru- the in the salem. On the Bayeux Tapestry, man archers are shown Nor- using short bows, and accounts of the Battle of Hastings stress their great use of this weapon. Some archers are shown wearing mail hauberks (left), while others lack any armor.

On the back was one strap through which the user passed his hand a bar at the center. to grasp A hole was cut at the center of the shield to accommodate the clenched hand; to guard the hand, a raised dome, the shield boss, was secured over the hole. Most of these bosses were quite plain, but some like that from the Sutton Hoo ship were very elaborate. Viking equipment the Viking warriors relied solely on their shields for defense, but their leaders, no doubt, wore a byrnie (a coat of mail). These bymies had short sleeves and usually reached only to the waist, although some were long enough to reach to the knees.

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