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Army heritage of the mostancient Greece. Обзорный рассказ о военной системе Греции доэллинистического периода. Осада Трои, воины Микенского государства, система фортификационных сооружений Древних Микен. Способы ведения боевых действий древнейших греческих царей. Воспетых в гомеровских поэмах. Материал книги основан на археологических данных. В книге приводится немало фотографий реальных предметов вооружения, извлеченных из древних гробниц и могильников в Греции и в Малой Азии.

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The walls, viewed from above, are studded with well-built semicircular towers. One of the primary purposes of the prehistoric development of permanent habitation sites was defence, as illustrated by the preponderance of settlements upon naturally defensible terrain. This purpose would evolve further, and the first major urban centres, complete with elaborate fortification systems, were flourishing in southern Mesopotamia by the second half of the 4th millennium BC. A favourable geographical and ecological setting, namely the fertile valley of the Tigris-Euphrates, and complex technological innovations, like the plough and the irrigation canal, had enabled the production of a substantial food surplus with relative ease.

Lion Gate and North-East Postern, Mycenae (mid LH Ille) North-East extension, Mycenae (end LH Ille) Warriorvase from Mycenae (LH I ~ ~ B / c ) Widespread destruction of Mycenaean citadels (LH Ille/c) Destruction of HattuSas-Boiazkoy Destruction of Ugarit Traditional date for destruction of Homer's Troy according t o Herodotos Destruction of Troy Vlla Rameses Ill defeats the 'Peoples of the Sea' in the Nile Delta So-called invasion of Dorian Greeks from north-west Greece Migration of mainland Greeks t o Aegean islands and Anatolia Mycenaean f o r t i f i c a t i o n systems The initial Mycenaean fortification systems were intimately linked with the establishment of major palace complexes on mainland Greece.

The fortifications at this oasis in the Jordan valley, which may have first attracted settlers as a hunting site, have been dated to the early 7th millennium BC, although the most recent opinion suggests they date back to the beginning of the 8th millennium BC. 5m high and 10m in diameter. Associated with a stone-built curtain-wall, 7m high and 3m thick, and a continuous V-shaped fosse cut into bedrock, the tower was a solid stone structure with an internal staircase of 22 steps that gave access to a fighting-platform.

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