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In response to a number of newly stumbled on texts, Augustine and Manichaean Christianity presents groundbreaking discussions of the connection among the main influential church father of the West and the faith of his early life. Augustine’s reference to Manichaean Christians was once not just extreme, but additionally enduring. This publication finds the basic history of writings resembling Augustine’s Confessiones, De ordine and De vera religione, and discloses many a hidden Manichaean resource of his robust thoughts of reminiscence and the imaginative and prescient of God. Contributions by means of, between others, Iain Gardner, Therese Fuhrer, Jason BeDuhn, Majella Franzmann, Josef Lössl, Annemaré Kotzé and Nils Arne Pedersen.

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His efforts in this regard were neither perfunctory gestures nor performances for his Catholic peers. 22 None of this would have endeared him to the more conservative leaders of the African Catholic Church, just as they would have been displeased by Augustine’s hints in various places that he continued to converse with these “heretics” in private, and not just in public debate. The latter more public engagement belongs to the second reason Augustine took his stand between Manichaean and Catholic Christians: as an informed apostate, he possessed a unique vantage from which to challenge and resist Manichaeans on the contested ground of “Christianity,” over which his past and present communities competed.

67 C. Faust. 19,1 (CSEL 25,1; 496, 21–23): Faustus dixit: Non ueni soluere legem et prophetas, sed adinplere. Ecce iam consentio dictum. quaerendum tamen est, cur hoc dixerit Iesus … biblical quotations in faustus’ capitula 33 what is according to the law; and thus, they who do not have a law, are a law to themselves, who show the work of the law written in their hearts. The third kind of law is that of the truth, what is indicated by the apostle, when he says: Because the law of the spirit of the life in Christ Jesus has liberated me from the law of sins and death.

Faustus’ Capitula also give us an opportunity to learn more about the young Augustine, because Faustus and the young Augustine knew each 1 See conf. ): Iam uenerat Carthaginem quidam manichaeorum episcopus, Faustus nomine … 2 See van den Berg 2010: ch. III, n. 34. 3 Cf. Wurst 2001/2012:307. 4 See c. Faust. ): Commodum autem arbitror sub eius nomine uerba eius ponere et sub meo responsionem meam. 5 See Augustine’s conclusion in c. Faust. ): Quapropter post omnes Fausti calumnias refutatas dumtaxat horum eius capitulorum … Cf.

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