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By Wynn, Phillip Gerald; Saint Bishop of Hippo. Augustine

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Did our smooth realizing of simply warfare originate with Augustine? during this sweeping reevaluation of the facts, Phillip Wynn uncovers a nuanced tale of Augustine's options on warfare and army carrier, and offers us a extra whole and complicated photograph of this crucial subject. Deeply rooted within the improvement of Christian proposal this reengagement with Augustine is key analyzing

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Whereas Lenihan had earlier written that later medieval theologians had justified Christian participation in war “by ferreting, out of context, small proof texts from Augustine,”[88] a few years later he wrote “that the Augustinian just war was ferreted out centuries later by the decretists who sought patristic approval of their doctrine,”[89] thus seemingly emphasizing more the presence of a coherent Augustinian idea to be ferreted out. [91] Robert Holmes in his 1999 article “St. Augustine and the Just War Theory” echoed Lenihan in questioning the basis for making Augustine the father of just war, yet was thereby able to come to a conclusion diametrically opposed to Lenihan’s on the stance of the African Father toward war.

Significantly, no treatise was written specifically on the subject for the first thousand years of Christianity’s history, and for some time thereafter. Why? Indeed, anyone who confidently wades into the mass of Christian literature of the first millennium seeking to discover an authoritative early Christian attitude to war is bound for a frustrating dead-end. This is true for two reasons. First, there is simply no singular, authoritative Christian attitude toward war to be found, then or later.

1] In response to the hypothetical there, which posits a defense led by orthodox bishops against the aggression of heretics, Gratian addressed issues related to sin and the conduct of war, and specifically the question as to what constitutes a just war. [2] Yet Gratian nowhere explicitly denominated Augustine as the originator of just war. Nor does the other most influential medieval writer on just war, Thomas Aquinas, ever describe Augustine thusly. In quaestio 40, article I in the Secunda Secundae of his Summa Theologiae (c.

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