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By C.L. Wadhwa

ISBN-10: 8122429475

ISBN-13: 9788122429473

Simple electric Engineering Has Been Written As A middle path For All Engineering scholars Viz. Electronics And verbal exchange Engineering, laptop Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and so forth. for the reason that This path Will quite often Be provided on the First 12 months point Of Engineering, the writer Has Made Modest attempt to offer In A Concise shape, a variety of good points Of uncomplicated electric Engineering utilizing basic Language and during Solved Examples, fending off The Rigorous Of Mathematics.The Salient good points Of The ebook Are:
* regular country research Of A.C. Circuits defined.
* community Theorems defined utilizing commonplace Examples.
* research Of 3-Phase Circuits And dimension Of strength In those Circuits defined.
* Measuring tools Like Ammeter, Voltmeter, Wattmeter and effort Meter defined.
* a variety of electric Machines Viz. Transformers, D.C. Machines, unmarried part and 3 section Induction cars, Synchronous Machines, Servomotors were defined.
* a quick View Of energy procedure together with traditional And Non-Conventional providers of electrical power Is Given.
* family Wiring Has Been mentioned.
* a number of Solved Examples And perform difficulties For Thorough clutch Of the topic offered.
* various a number of selection Questions With solutions Given.

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From Fig. 9 (a), we have and from Fig. 1 0 S E RIES C I RCU ITS R1, R2, ...... Rn As mentioned under Kirchhoffs law that if their are n resistances connected in series, the total resistance of circuit is + + ...... + RT = and if I is the current in the circuit which will be same through all the resistances as these are connected in series, the voltage drop across various resistances according to ohm's law will be. and sum of these drops should equal the supply voltage V. Also, the power loss in various resistors will be f2 f2 J2 and sum total of these power losses must equal when is the total resistance of the series circuit and again this power is also equal to VI where V is the supply voltage.

25 cm2 circular cross-section wound uniformly with 1 000 turns of wire ; also the emf induced when a current increasing at the rate of 200 A /sec flows in the winding. 9: 44 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Solution. 25 10-24 10002 25 101 mHAns. 2 V Ans. = -------� = 1t x x di . = The voltage mduced L = dt Here minus sign as the current is increasing. Example An air cored coil has 1 000 turns with an inductance of 120 mH. Two hundred turns are removed from the coil and a steel core is placed around the coil µ,.

Determine the branch current and the total current. [Ans. 2 mA] i . 1 7. 9 volts] 5 n resistor. 1QQ 5U 20 Q Fig_ Q . i . 1 7 i . 1 8 . A current of 20 A flows through two ammeters A and B joined in series. Across A the p . d. 2 V and across B it is 0 . 3 V. Determine how the same current will divide between A and B when they [Ans. 12 A, SA] are joined in parallel. CHAPTER • • II ii. 1 Electromag netic I nd u ction I NTRODUCTION In 1 820 Oersted discovered that a current carrying wire could be made to deflect a freely suspended magnetic needle.

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