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By James D. G. Dunn

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Beginning from Jerusalem covers the early formation of the Christian religion from 30 to 70 C.E. After outlining the hunt for the ancient church (parallel to the search for the old Jesus) and reviewing the assets, James Dunn follows the process the stream stemming from Jesus “beginning from Jerusalem.” / He opens with an in depth research of what should be acknowledged of the earliest Jerusalem group, the Hellenists, the undertaking of Peter, and the emergence of Paul. Then Dunn focuses exclusively on Paul ― the chronology of his existence and venture, his figuring out of his name as apostle, and the nature of the church buildings that he based. The 3rd half lines the ultimate days and literary legacies of the 3 relevant figures of first-generation Christianity: Paul, Peter, and James the brother of Jesus. every one part comprises specified interplay with the giant wealth of secondary literature at the many topics covered.

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VI. Hengel, The Son of God (ET London: SCM. 1976). famously commented on the fact that the "apotheosis of the crucified Jesus" must already have taken place in the forties jre­ ferring to the "hymn" quoted by Paul in Phil. wo decades than in die whole of Ihe next seven cenluries, up lo Ihe lime when ihe dot nine of ihe early church was compleied' (2). 76. Chubb distinguished the gospel preached by Christ sharply from accounts of his suf­ fering, death, resurrection and ascension and any doctrines founded thereon (such as Christ"s meritorious suffering and heavenly intercession): extract in W.

More striking is the fact that the Qumranites evidently drew their inspiration for the us­ age from Isa. 3: i n the desert prepare the way (derek). 14). ^'- Alternatively put, there is the possibility of a similar sense of the vision of Isaiah 40 having achieved eschatological fulfilment in each of the three parties: 'the way of the Lord' had been realized. The imagery can hardly have been unrelated to the motif of two ways, traditional throughout the ancient world, w here choice has to be made between one and another;''^ but no doubt it was the Jewish version which most bore upon the earliest disciples, as implied by the tradition of Matt.

To ask. How did Christianity emerge from Judaism? is also to ask. What in the earliest days of its emergence was the character and iden­ tity of that movement? 2), so with the larger issue of how and why Christianity emerged from (or 'broke with') Judaism, it is instructive to recall the extent lo which this issue has shaped the study of Christianity's origins over the past two cenluries. To be more precise: there are two sides to the ques­ tion, because there were two sides lo the process. Not only the increasing ment of Christianity / w m Judaism, tachment detach­ bui (note again the irony) the increasing at­ of Christianity to Hellenism.

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