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Tyrrell and Arnold take their position in a particularly English theological culture. Appreciation of this practice is of the 1st significance in figuring out the heritage to modern Anglicanism and modern Catholicism. greater than that, it bargains a fashion of bridging the gulf among the area that to Tyrrell and Arnold was once lifeless or death and the area of the past due 20th century with all of the questions that they started to understand - prophetic contributors not able to reside with the Church in their day and not able to discover the Church of the long run.

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It is with The Civilizing of the Matafanus, written by early 1901, that Tyrrell's attitude towards Arnold is clearly shown to be more ambivalent. The Matafanus are a fictitious primitive tribe who, after initial resistance, are attracted to the values of' civilisation' by Alpuca, one of their own members, who has absorbed the knowledge, ideas and values of 'civilisation' under hypnosis. Of course, in their primitive state, the Matafanus cannot possibly understand what he is trying to tell them, and he is forced to resort to crude symbolism in order to communicate at all.

This is the approach that is ultimately successful. It is striking that the inspirer of both phases of missionary endeavour, the unsuccessful and the successful, is one and the same, Matthew Arnold. Any apparent inconsistency is indicative of Tyrrell's engagement with various aspects of Arnold's thought at this time. 11 Speaking of the record of Alpuca, Tyrrell makes a quite Arnoldian criticism about the abuse of religious language: The most tempting fallacy in its interpretation was that of a sort of'realism', ascribing the forms of language and thought to the reality represented; ascribing the qualities of the paint and canvas to the original of the portrait.

144) For Tyrrell, when he thought of God, Matthew Arnold's 'righteousness' was not enough. He found it *a bloodless sort of attribute; and so comprehensible, even when qualified by "eternal" as to starve the mystical sense' (SL p. 199). 34 'Definite evidence* As with God, so with Jesus, who was more than 'righteous or sweetly reasonable'. Tyrrell's God 'includes but transcends' Matthew Arnold's God of righteousness. The discussion is pursued in Christianity at the Crossroads, where Tyrrell is particularly concerned with the apocalyptic imagery of the Gospels: inward experience does not give us any privileged way of conceiving God — that is to say, some divinely imbued image, symbol or idea.

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