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By Carl Safina

ISBN-10: 0805098887

ISBN-13: 9780805098884

I needed to understand what they have been experiencing, and why to us they suppose so compelling, and so-close. This time I allowed myself to invite them the query that for a scientist used to be forbidden fruit: who're you?

Weaving many years of box observations with intriguing new discoveries concerning the mind, Carl Safina's landmark booklet deals an intimate view of animal habit to problem the mounted boundary among people and nonhuman animals. In past phrases, readers commute to Amboseli nationwide Park within the threatened panorama of Kenya and witness suffering elephant households figure out tips on how to continue to exist poaching and drought, then to Yellowstone nationwide Park to watch wolves tackle the aftermath of 1 pack's own tragedy, and at last plunge into the astonishingly peaceable society of killer whales residing within the crystalline waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Beyond phrases brings forth robust and illuminating perception into the original personalities of animals via outstanding tales of animal pleasure, grief, jealousy, anger, and love. The similarity among human and nonhuman recognition, self-awareness, and empathy calls us to reconsider how we engage with animals. clever, passionate, and eye-opening at each flip, past phrases is eventually a sleek exam of humanity's position on the earth.

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IDENTIFICATION Small and compact, with large head, strong bill, rounded body and long, stiff tail, often cocked. -d': In s~ring, body largely deep chestnut, crown (down to eye) a~d hmdneck black, cheeks, chin and undertail-coverts white. Btll pale blue. In winter, bill is grey and body dull brown, but . white cheeks retained. --~ able) dark horizontal stnpe ' across cheeks. VOICE Mainly silent. ~is­ playing d' produces vary~ng tapping sounds by beatmg its bill against the chest. ) changes with mood ad.

D' around late winter. 1st-w d'd' develop dark mantle and white on back of head KM -- - 48 GROUSE Tetraoninae Medium-sized to large, sturdy and thickset, non-migratory birds of mountain slopes and boreal forests. Spend much time on ground. Feathered nostrils, strong completely or partly feathered feet and lack of spurs are common f~atures, as are rounded wings with stiff, downcurved pnmanes and, in flight, noisy, rapid bursts of wi1~gbeats. interrupted by glides. Nest on ground. Young precocial, already capable of short flights after l- 2 weeks; tended solely or primarily by~.

Adult o breeding: Head bright chestnut; bill blackish with pale grey band across ower part; eye reddish; breast black with gloss; flanks and back pale ash-grey, appearing whitish in strong light; stem black. In flight, medium grey upperwing-coverts and pale grey wing-bar give the bird a rather washed-out, pale appearance. - Adult ~ : Along with~ Wigeon, most nondescript duck: grey-brown, flanks and back tinged greyish, breast, crown and neck darker and tinged brownish. Diffuse pale and dark head marks, along with head/bill profile, often best clue: diffuse pale lora!

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