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A. working day. b. a day’s journey. c. to denote various acts or states such as seven days, Genesis 7:4. d. day as defined by evening and morning. Listed here are Genesis 1:5,8,13,19,23,31. e. day of the month. f. ” g. particular days defined by proper name of place, such as the Sabbath Day. h. ” 3. The day of Yahweh, as the time of coming judgment. 4. ” 5. Days. a. indefinite: some days, a few days. b. ” c. days of old: former or ancient times. 6. Time. a. ” - 26 - b. ” 7. Used in phrases with and without the prepositions.

It is nothing short of amazing to discover the evidence built into the text for “interpreting” what kind of days these were. In Genesis 1:5, Moses wrote: “And God called the light Day, and the darkness He called - 30 - Night. , a normal day. ” If the “days” are “ages,” then what are the years? If a day is an age, then what is a night? ” Marcus Dods, writing in the Expositor’s Bible, said simply: “If the word ‘day’ in this chapter [Genesis 1—BT] does not mean a period of 24 hours, the interpretation of Scripture is hopeless” (1948, 1:4-5).

Let them also give just one scripture reference to substantiate the validity of that circle. Can they do it? No! Will they do it? No! (1976, p. 522, emp. ). The third problem with the idea that the seventh day is continuing has to do with Adam, as Woods has noted: Adam, the first man, was created in the sixth day, lived through the seventh day, and into at least a portion of the eighth day. If these days were long geologic periods of millions of years in length, we have the interesting situation of Adam having lived in a portion of one age, through the whole of another age, and into at least a portion of a third age, in which case he was many millions of years old when he finally died!

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