Big-leaf mahogany: genetics, ecology, and management by Ariel E. Lugo, Julio C. Figueroa Colón, Mildred Alayón PDF

By Ariel E. Lugo, Julio C. Figueroa Colón, Mildred Alayón

ISBN-10: 0387988378

ISBN-13: 9780387988375

Big-Leaf Mahogany is an important advertisement bushes species of the tropics. present debate pertaining to even if to guard it as an endangered species has been hampered via the inability of whole, definitive clinical documentation. This publication reviews on important learn at the ecology of big-leaf mahogany, together with genetic adaptations, regeneration, normal distribution styles and the silvicutural and alternate implications for the tree.

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2. Genetic Variation in Bolivian Mahogany 11 of a species. Such genetic attrition may mean a narrowing of the spectrum of valuable traits associated with a species, thus influencing its economic value. Attrition may result in changes in the way variation is partitioned in a local population, through changes in breeding structure and amounts of inbreeding. It may affect the ability of a population to adjust, over evolutionary time, to changes in climate or to modifications of its ecological environment.

If populations in a region are genetically similar, as our data suggest, then genetic erosion at the regional scale may be counteracted so long as some substantial, ecologically intact forest remains undisturbed in the region. D. E. 7. 090 Eguiarte et al. 1992 Hamrick and Murawski 1990 O’Malley et al. 1988 Hamrick and Murawski 1990 Stacy et al. 1996 Hall et al. 1994 Boshier et al. 1995a,b O’Malley and Bawa 1987 Hamrick and Murawski 1990 Murawski et al. 1990 Murawski and Hamrick 1991 Murawski et al.

This finding may be an artifact of the small sample sizes from two of our study populations. With more balanced sampling, rare alleles would perhaps be represented at higher frequencies, at least in these two populations. The single variant at this locus was found in the most completely sampled population (Chirizi). 2). In addition, maternal genotypes and gene frequencies derived from progeny arrays are calculated separately. For all measures, statistics for species are slightly higher than those averaged over populations.

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Big-leaf mahogany: genetics, ecology, and management by Ariel E. Lugo, Julio C. Figueroa Colón, Mildred Alayón

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