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Such nasutoid soldiers may be present in addition to soldiers of the mandibulate type (Fig. 5G, H). The nasutoid soldiers are smaller than the mandibulate soldiers and the two types are referred to as minor and major soldiers, respectively. The Termitidae show a tremendous variation in the structural form of the soldiers. Many species have mandibulate soldiers, and these demon­ strate a wide range of variation in the form (and the use) of the mandibles (Fig. 5F, I —M). They may be biting, pincerlike or snapping.

T h e biology of Tenuirostritermes tenuirostris ( D e s n e u x ) with emphasis o n caste development. Univ. Calif (Berkeley) Publ. Zool. 5 7 , 2 5 1 - 3 0 2 . Weesner, F. M. (1965). "The Termites of the United States, a H a n d b o o k . " Natl. Pest Control A s s o c . , Elizabeth, N e w Jersey. 3 The Digestive System* CH. NOIROT AND C. NOIR Ο Τ- TIM Ο THE Ε I. Introduction II. Nutritive Regime A. Crude Nutrients B. Nutrients of the D e p e n d e n t C a s t e s III. General Structure of the D i g e s t i v e T u b e (Workers) A .

S. (1956). T h e structure, musculature and mechanism of the feeding apparatus of various castes of the termite Odontotermes obesus (Rambur). Part I. Clypeo-labrum. J. Zool. Soc. India 8, 1-18. Walker, Ε. M. (1919). T h e terminal abdominal structure of Orthopteroid insects: A phylogenetic study. Ann. Entomol. Soc. Am. 1 2 , 2 6 7 - 3 1 6 . Walker, Ε. M. (1922). T h e terminal abdominal structure of Orthopteroid insects: A phylogenetic study. Ann. Entomol. Soc. Am. 1 5 , 1-88. Wasmann, E. ( 1 9 0 2 ) .

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