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Grzimek's pupil Animal existence source: Birds deals readers accomplished and easy-to-use details on Earth's birds. Entries are prepared by way of taxonomy, the technological know-how in which dwelling issues are categorised into similar teams. each one access contains sections on actual features; geographic diversity; habitat; nutrition; habit and replica; animals and folks; and conservation prestige. kin entries are via a number of species bills and a spread map and photograph or representation for every species. Entries finish with an inventory of books, periodicals, and websites which may be used for additional study.

Each quantity of Grzimek's scholar Animal existence source: Birds features a pronunciation consultant for clinical names, a word list, an summary of birds, a listing of species within the set through biome, an inventory of species by means of geographic place, and an index. The set has 640 full-color maps, pictures, and illustrations to liven up the textual content, and sidebars supply extra evidence and comparable information.

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Females lay two to four eggs in small, cupshaped nests, made of plant fibers, lichens (LIE-kenz), moss, and even spider webs. These nests are anchored in the forks of tree branches. Both parents usually incubate the eggs, or sit on them until they are hatched. After fourteen days, the plain brown chicks hatch. Their striking coloring appears after they molt, shed their feathers. MONARCH FLYCATCHERS AND PEOPLE Monarch flycatchers are potential attractions for ecotourism, an industry based on attracting tourists to view birds, animals, and environments.

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