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By James BeauSeigneur

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Nuclear wars. 3 asteroids. Demonic insanity that kills one 3rd of the world’s inhabitants. Into this, a savior will upward push, cloned from Christ. It’s no longer fiction. It’s prophecy.

The Messiah of the recent Age. His coming is prophesied through greater than a dozen significant religions. Cloned from dwell cells of Jesus Christ came upon at the Shroud of Turin, Christopher Goodman was once born into the main turbulent time in human heritage. Already nuclear holocausts have shaken the planet – the 1st destroying a lot of the Russian Republic, and the second one killing approximately one thousand million humans in China, India, and Pakistan. Unknown to the world’s population, a fair larger probability is ready simply past Earth’s horizon – a possibility which can annihilate the total human race. 3 asteroids are hurtling towards the planet, thrown from their orbits by way of the supernatural powers of 2 spiritual madmen, person who claims to be the 2000-year-old Apostle John. Fated to stay alive from biblical instances till Christ’s go back, the Apostle John has awaited achievement of the visions he defined within the publication of Revelation. yet John and his cohort, apostate Hasidic rabbi Saul Cohen, should not chuffed to in basic terms witness the Apocalypse – they intend to reason it.

Though Christopher can cease the destruction, he needs to permit it to ensue, for he says that scattered through the Bible and different spiritual texts are clues pointing to a major hidden fact – a mystery of devastating common value that unearths the superb way forward for guy and the genuine nature of God. it's way over lifestyles and demise that cling within the stability. it's the success of galactic future, humankind’s ultimate evolutionary step: the beginning of a brand new Age!

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