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By Peter Kilduff

ISBN-10: 1906502285

ISBN-13: 9781906502287

Essentially the most noteworthy German fighter pilots of global struggle i used to be Leutnant der Reserve Carl Degelow, whose squadron of normally black Fokker D.VII combatants posed an impressive probability to a couple of Britain's so much celebrated air devices at the Western entrance.

Degelow had a distinct method of aerial wrestle which interested the writer, Peter Kilduff, rather a lot that during 1979 he wrote Germany's final Knight of the Air approximately his exploits, a e-book lengthy out of print. through the intervening 30 years Kilduff has bought new details and unique photographs, plus copies of vital German archival fabric and documentation which shed a lot new mild in this mythical ace.

Black Fokker chief is a totally new paintings with unpublished fabric approximately Degelow and his comrades - how he was once nearly court-martialled; how his profession used to be kept through Carl Josef Jacobs; how Degelow helped Willy Rosenstein break out from Nazi Germany, and lots more and plenty extra. Plus new insights into males like box Marshal Erhard Milch, Degelow's wing commander in WWI; and V-2 rocket leader common Hans Jeschonnek, a Degelow prote'ge' in 1918.

Presented within the acclaimed author's aim, well-sourced demeanour, there'll even be a wealth of British, French and Belgian documentation to counter-balance German claims. lots of Peter Kilduff's earlier books were released within the united kingdom and US and translated worldwide.


" intimate portrait of the final recipient of the "Blue Max", Degelow's award being authorized days sooner than the armistice. He was once adorned for 30 proven victories, and Kilduff offers convincing evidence of at the very least 25. ...five stars"Barrett Tillman, 06/2009

",...the definitive biographical paintings one of many Kaiser's maximum scoring fighter pilots."WWII background record, 06/2009

"...provides a great perception into one of many conflict's so much remarkable German airmen...a thoroughly clean account incorporating a wealth of fabric so one can be clean to even the main professional of aerophiles."Windsock, 08/2009

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