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D. gilli gilli was larger and more robust than D. obscurus or D. lucasi. Miller (1911) reported that fossil remains of D. obscurus were numerous (>114 specimens) in the Samwel and Potter Creek caves in Shasta County, CA. Age of these specimens is considered late Pleistocene (Jehl 1969). Jehl concluded that they represent a small race of extinct D. gilli, to which he assigned the subspecific name milleri. He summarized the fossil evidence for early Dendragapus as representing two species, D. lucasi and D.

Song, some behaviours, and colour and texture of the lateral cervical apteria of males, obscurus and richardsonii are most alike. ] An inhabitant of north coastal California, beginning in Sonoma County (Dawson 1923); extends northward along the Pacific slope to Prince Rupert, BC; early historical accounts indicate they occurred as far south as Napa (Coues 1874), and Bodega Bay (Grinnell and Whythe 1927), CA, but it is not clear whether they still occupy these areas. o. sitkensis is at about the Portland Canal just north of Prince Rupert, BC.

Ancestors of extant southern and northern interior birds may have been isolated from each other during a preWisconsinan Pleistocene glaciation. o. o. o. o. oreinus subgroups, respectively. o. o. richardsonii to lose the tail band and to usually have 20, rather than 18, rectrices. Progenitors of coastal subspecies may have been isolated from those of southern interior birds at or before this time, initiating the development of three clear groups. o. o. sierrae, appear well adapted to xeric, interior type forests, similar to those occupied by southern interior birds.

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