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By R.K. Wieder, D.H. Vitt

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This is often the 1st actually ecosystem-oriented ebook on peatlands. It adopts an ecosystems method of realizing the world's boreal peatlands. the point of interest is on biogeochemical styles and techniques, construction, decomposition, and peat accumulation, and it presents additional info on animal and fungal range. A habitual subject is the legacy of boreal peatlands as extraordinary accumulators of carbon as peat over millennia.

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Terrestrialization is also common (28 %). Primary peatland formation is very rare because there is a significant time-lag between deglaciation and 1 Based on Nicholls (1967); Kubiw et al. (1989); Zoltai and Vitt (1990); Kuhry et al. (1992, 1993); Zoltai (1993, 1995); Kuhry (1994, 1998, unpublished results); Vitt et al. (2000) 32 P. Kuhry and J. Turunen peatland inception. A probable exception is the Hudson Bay Lowlands, where peat expansion took place rapidly after glacio-isostatic emergence (Kuhry 1998).

Warnstorfia fluitans is characteristic of bog pools. For minerotrophy, Betula glandulosa (North America only), Sphagnum riparium, and numerous regional Carex species, including C. lasiocarpa, C. limosa, and C. rostrata, are indicated. Especially noteworthy as critical indicators are species of the moss family Amblystegiaceae, particularly species that historically have been placed in the genus Drepanocladus (sensu lato). Currently these are usually distributed among several genera: Warnstorfia fluitans (bogs); W.

Exannulatus (poor fens); Drepanocladus aduncus (eutrophic habitats – marshes); Scorpidium cossonii (extreme rich fens); Hamatocaulis vernicosus and H. lapponicus (moderate rich fens). 6 Substrate Whereas bogs are hydrologically separated from influences of local groundwater, fens are seasonally in contact with surface water (lake, stream, spring runoff over frozen ground) and/or groundwater. The surrounding bedrock and soil chemistry determine the chemistry of the water flowing into the fen. For example, the highly impervious, granitic and metamorphic bedrock of eastern Canada, Fennoscandia, and the glaciated, alluvial sediments of western Siberia provide inputs poor in minerals and relatively rich in hydrogen ions, whereas the carbonate-rich sedimentary bedrock of Alaska, western Canada, southwestern Siberia, and western Europe provides inputs rich in calcium, magnesium, and carbonates (alkalinity), but poor in hydrogen ions.

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