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By Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain)

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1. W. B. Innes in ‘Experimental Methods in Catalytic Research’, ed. R. B. Anderson, Academic Press, New York, 1968, Vol. 1 , p. 44. H. A. Benesi and B. H. C. Winquist,Adv. , 1978, 2 7 , 9 8 . B. G. , ‘Physical and Chemical Aspects of Adsorbents and Catalysts’, Academic Press, New York, 1970. Catalysis 32 Table 1 Characterization of supported metal catalysts Support properties Total area Pore structure Thermal, chemical, mechanical stability Metal dispersion and Iocation Metal area Nature of the active component Metal-support interaction Crystallite size distribution Degree of reduction Surface heterogeneity Concentration distribution Bond distances etc.

P. Rhodes, and L. S. A u t o . Engineers, 1975, Paper 750684. J. C. Summers and S. A. Ausen, J. , 1978, 52,445. B. Harrison, J. Heffer, and F. King, Preprints 7th Int. Congr. on Catalysis, B 2 Tokyo, 1980. P. K. Gallagher, D. W. Johnson, J . P. Remika, F. Schrey, L. E. Trimble, E. M. Vogel, and R. J. H. Voorhoeve, Mater. Res. Bull, 1975, 10, 529. R. D. Shoup, K. E. Hoekstra, and R. J . Farrauto, 'Thermal Stability o f Copper Chromite Auto Exhaust Catalyst', Am. Cer. Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, April 29, 1974.

Catal. , 1980, 13, 63. Supported Metal and Bimetallic Catalysts 37 Hydrogen-Alkene Titration. 16 kPa in nitrogen) over the reduced catalyst until an abrupt fall is noted in the complete conversion to n-pentane. The method was also used successfully with Pt/a-Al2O3 at 373K, but its application to Pt/y-A1203is complicated by retention and cracking of pent-1ene. ’~Leclercq and co-workers5’ have compared the alkene (ethene) and oxygen reactions at a hydrogen-covered platinum surface where the platinum was supported on various aluminas, differing in BET area and also sulphate content, so that after reduction the catalysts were ‘clean’ or ‘sulphur-poisoned’.

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